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1 Ensure that MIS has highly qualified and competent staff and school leadership.
2 Provide educational service that prepares students to become life‐long learners who contribute to the achievement of the UAE Strategic Objectives and National Agenda.
3. Guarantee that all learners have full entitlement and access to a high‐quality
education that is based on a comprehensive, inclusive and differentiated curriculum.
4. Create an innovative school culture that nurtures critical thinking, creativity, and scientific research.
5. Adopt a teaching and learning framework in which the learner well‐being is acknowledged and safeguarded.
6. Attain distinctive progress in National and International tests through consistent and effective instructional practices.
7. Promote continuous professional development for all of the stakeholders mainly in the domains related to the 21st century skills.
8. Establish effective partnerships with national and international educational institutions while maintaining strong bonds with the UAE culture.